Social Hall

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In close proximity to the Synagogue, a new Social Hall was built to facilitate the hosting of Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Meetings, and other Events associated with the Synagogue.  The total area of this new building is approximately 1,740 square feet.  An office space and kitchen area designed for catering of events has been included in the new design.

The building is dedicated to the memory of Eustace Maxwell Shilstone, a Barbadian lawyer and pioneer in shaping the island’s collective memory. In 1933, he helped found the Barbados Museum & Historical Society. In the 1930’s, he transcribed all the tombstone inscriptions in the Jewish Cemetery and published a book in 1958 entitled Monumental Inscriptions in the Jewish Synagogue at Bridgetown, Barbados. Neither Jewish nor a historian, Mr. Shilstone was fascinated by heritage conservation. Today the library of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society bears his name.

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